The economic crisis is felt everywhere in Europe, and in one country more severely than in the other. Therefore, on the eve of the New Year 2012, Aqcouture and Amarna have decided to conclude their inspiring collaboration, in order to be able to anticipate independently, flexibly, and adequately to the different economic developments. We wish the staff of Amarna lots of success and we hope to comfort our clients with new and agreeably adjusted prices.


Starting March 15th, Aqcouture will have a selling-point in the Netherlands, in Maastricht, in the one and only 'Haute Couture' street that can be found in the Netherlands. In the gallery-design shop Amarna it will be possible to admire the Aqcouture designs closely, touch them, try them on and buy them. And if your measure's not there, Amarna can set an order at your service.

Charlotte Mutsaers

Dutch writer Charlotte Mutsaers wil be appearing on the "Ball of books" (March 15, 2011) in a dress made by Aqcouture: the Ball-dress-of-books. The evening dress consists of a long sleeveless dress and a matching 'bolero', made of deep red velvet-like fabric with beautiful gobelin panels representing books. Annemarie Kleinhofmeijer designed the Ball-dress-of-books specially for the writer and the Ball of books. Charlotte Mutsaers won the prestigious Dutch PC Hooft Prize for literature last year for all her literature works. Besides a writer she is a successful painter.


From December 6th 2010 until January 9th 2011 Annemarie Kleinhofmeijer shows her exhibition ‘Espacios’ in Galerķa Escalera. One of the works has been chosen as the cover of the book: ‘Le conteur & l’imaginair’ by Pépito Matéo, recently edited by Atelier Baie, Nimes France.

The Invisible woman

From March 12th until March 27th the installation ‘The invisible woman’ made by Annemarie Kleinhofmeijer, will be shown in the theatre of Aracena, Spain. The vast work in which hundreds of square meters of fabric have been used, focusses, in a subtle way, on the invisibility of women and their daily tasks.